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DIY Dog Margaritas for Cinco de Mayo - Bark and Willow

DIY Dog Margaritas for Cinco de Mayo

DIY Dog Margaritas for Cinco de Mayo

Hey, friends! Stefani and Ollie here. We're getting ready to celebrate Cinco de Mayo and wanted to share our favorite "Doggy Margrrrita" recipe with you!

DIY Dog Margarita Frozen Treat        Dog Drinking DIY Dog Margarita Frozen Treat for Cinco de Mayo           

Here's what you'll need:

- Bone Broth
- Ice Cube Tray or Silicone Mold
- Peanut Butter (optional)
- Dog Treats (optional)
To begin, take the bone broth of your choice and pour it into your ice cube tray. Freeze for at least 1.5 hours. Once frozen, take out of tray and place all ice cubes into a blender. Blend until you reach a slushy-like consistency.
Optional: dip the rim of your cup in peanut butter and garnish with a dog treat.
Pour the slushy broth into a cup and let your pup enjoy their Margrrrrita! Happy Cindo de Mayo!
Stefani & Ollie