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How to Care for Your Products

How do I care for my leather collar or leash?

Bark + Willow leather products are made with genuine leather, locally sourced from within the United States. Leather will naturally change and patina with wear. Your leather product will be stiff at first, but rest assured - it will soften up drastically within just a few days of use.

If your leather piece is dirty, mild soap and water will clean it up just fine. We suggest conditioning your leather product with high-quality leather cream or conditioner to keep it from drying and cracking. If your pup likes to swim, we recommend waterproofing regularly with a waterproofing wax.

Leather shoe cleaner is the best option for painted leather pieces (white, ivory, eucalyptus) as the paint creates an impermeable barrier over your leather.

Brands we love:

Bickmore Leather Conditioner
Skidmore’s Waterproofing
Skidmore’s Leather Conditioning Cream
Pink Miracle Shoe Cleaner